Immediate Annuities: Medicaid Planning for Married Couples

Immediate annuities are used as a means for

Douglas L. Kaune, Esq.

preserving assets for spouses of nursing home residents. An immediate annuity is an investment whereby an individual pays a lump sum to an insurance company in return for a guaranteed monthly payment for the balance of his or her lifetime. In Pennsylvania (PA) the purchase of an “actuarially sound” annuity is not a gift when considering Medicaid qualification. This purchase is viewed as an investment and therefore does not cause any disqualification. Our clients are guided to use the immediate annuity in a way that will change an asset from being available for nursing home spending to an income stream for the community spouse. This often provides the community spouse a substantially greater income flow that increases comfort and standard of living. Here is a link to a PA case, James v. Richman (U.S. Dist. Ct., M.D. of Penn., No. 3:05-2647, Nov. 21, 2006) that makes clear that properly structured immediate annuities will be valid planning options in PA.

The following standard must be met in order for the immediate annuity to be considered a qualifying purchase: (a) It must be irrevocable. (b) You must be guaranteed at least what you paid into the annuity over the balance of your life expectancy. (c) If you purchase an annuity with a term certain, it must be shorter than your actuarial life expectancy. (d) The state must be named the remainder beneficiary up to the amount of Medicaid paid.

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