Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Program

I have had numerous clients come to me with questions relating to the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefits program. Most of these clients are looking for ways to help pay for assisted living and in home care. They hope to delay nursing home care and ultimately application […]

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Caregiver Exception: Saving The Family Home

Caregiver Exception: Saving The Family Home By: Douglas L. Kaune If you or a family member qualify for Medical Assistance (Medicaid), the Federal Government will pay for the long term nursing home expenses.  As many of you are aware, there are rules in place that limit  the […]

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Estate Planning Is For Everyone

By: Douglas L. Kaune, Esq. or 610 933 8069 With all of the discussion of the uncertain landscape of the federal estate tax system, I would like to remind clients and friends that that you should still start or revise your estate plans as necessary. The […]

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