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Use Special Needs Trusts For Elderly Beneficiaries.

We frequently prepare special needs trusts for clients in Pennsylvania. The special needs trust is most frequently used by parents who want to leave assets to a disabled or special needs child, but want the child to continue to receive Medicaid, Social Security and any other government […]

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Qualify For Medicaid Sooner by Making a Mortgage Loan to Your Child.

I frequently have clients, at different stages in the lending process, come to me to deal with loans to their children.  Some clients come to me before they make a loan to a child and others come to me after they have made a loan.  Many times, […]

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What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a Federally funded government assistance program for low income individuals and individuals of lesser means.  Medicaid is intended to pay for the long term care for individuals who do not have the assets to pay for the care themselves.  As you can imagine, the Medicaid […]

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