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The “Medicaid Planning Compliant” General Power of Attorney

If you want to make sure that your or your family member’s assets can be protected from a potential future need for long-term nursing care, you or your loved one must sign a “Medicaid Planning Compliant” General Power of Attorney document (“MCPOA”).  The MCPOA will serve to […]

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What Are Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts?

Medicaid imposes strict rules on how much money and assets an applicant can have. To qualify for Medicaid, you must fall under the asset limit, which is $2,000 in most states. Even with greater than $2,000 in assets, however, you may be able to get on Medicaid […]

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I Have Transferred My House To A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust, Now How Do All Of The Bills Get Paid?

The Medicaid Asset protection Trust (“MAPT”) is a staple component of the elder law planning process for those who want to make sure to protect and preserve family assets. In particular, clients who want to protect their home from the ever-rising cost of long term nursing care […]

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