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What If You Want Gifted Assets Back From An Irrevocable Trust?

The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is one of the building block documents you are likely to use if you want to properly protect assets from being lost to high nursing home costs.  Click on the following link to get more information about a special type of Irrevocable Trust clients […]

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Be Careful Gifting Money back To A Parent!

When a parent or loved one gifts assets to you, they will become ineligible to apply for Medicaid for a period of time.  The ineligibility period will begin when the person who made the gift applies for Medicaid.  The length of the ineligibility period will be equal to […]

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Using UTMA Accounts in Pennsylvania for Gifts to Grandchildren

Using PA UTMA Accounts for Gifts to Grandchildren: We frequently have clients asking about ways they can make gifts to grandchildren.  For large gifts (ie. hundreds of thousands of dollars), we will almost most often use some form of irrevocable trust to aid in the proper protection […]

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