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Want to Protect Assets from Long Term Care Spending, But Afraid to Give Up Control?

How a Superhero Trust Protector Can Save Your Assets from a Rogue Trustee Learn more about this topic and how to successfully protect your nest egg from long term care spending by signing up for our newsletter:  Click here to subscribe Losing all of the savings that […]

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PA Inheritance Tax Primer – No Changes For 2017

2017 PA Inheritance Tax rates are unchanged.  Pennsylvania imposes an inheritance tax on a decedent’s taxable estate.  The tax applies to every dollar of the estate in excess of expenses and debts.  There is no exemption nor is there an exclusion under which no tax will apply.  […]

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Tax Allocation Clause – Protect Your Beneficiary(s)

Remember to Review The Tax Allocation Clause In Your Will or Trust Most people do not realize that they can choose which beneficiaries will be responsible for paying the PA Inheritance Tax and Federal Estate Tax on their taxable estate. Many wills are written automatically and sometimes […]

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