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Trust Planning – Is it for Me?

A Series on Trusts – Part I What is a Trust? One of our goals is to make sure that our clients and readers become educated throughout their estate planning process.   To that end, we would like to provide some clarity to the topic of trust planning, […]

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How to Preserve Benefits Eligibility for Your Heirs

You may have seen our recent article about Receiving an Inheritance While on Medicaid in our Elder Law News and Updates Newsletter.  That article was an excellent primer on some of the potential problems that can arise when a Medicaid recipient receives an inheritance.  This article is […]

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Medicaid Eligibility for Long Term Nursing Care – New 2021 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity Allowances

Are you worried about protecting your family assets from the increasingly high cost of long term nursing home care? Our team of elder law attorneys has significant experience in Medicaid asset protection planning and is well-equipped to assist you in understanding the intricacies of Medicaid eligibility and spend-down requirements.

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