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Cornerstone Documents For A Strong Estate Plan

Many people believe that their estate planning is finished when they have prepared and signed a Last Will.   There are several documents including, but not limited to, powers of attorney, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and medical directives that are likely necessary to establish the cornerstone of a […]

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Use Special Needs Trusts For Elderly Beneficiaries.

We frequently prepare special needs trusts for clients in Pennsylvania. The special needs trust is most frequently used by parents who want to leave assets to a disabled or special needs child, but want the child to continue to receive Medicaid, Social Security and any other government […]

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How much Does a Will Cost In Pennsylvania? We Can Give You Some Insight.

As consumers of products we are naturally interested in how much things cost. Prospective clients ask, “How much does a will cost in Pennsylvania?” The answer is, “It depends.” There is no way to properly answer the question without knowing more about the client and the things […]

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