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Binding Contracts for Family Caregivers More Important Than Ever

A recent New Jersey case (July 2018) resulted in a decision requiring proper and detailed documentation in order for money paid to family caregivers to qualify as a Medicaid penalty exempt transfer of assets. In E.B. v. Division of Medical Assistance, the daughter of the Medicaid applicant […]

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How To Select An Elder Law Attorney

When you are confronting a difficult life issue, you routinely seek guidance from someone who can help you to solve the problem.  So, it stands to reason that when you or a family member are confronting the potential or immediate need for long term nursing care, you […]

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How Much Should A Person Be Paid To Act As Power of Attorney?

How Much Should An Agent Under A General Durable Power of Attorney be Paid? This is a difficult question confronted by many individuals acting as power of attorney for family members or friends.  There is no perfect statutory answer in Pennsylvania, but it is clear that a […]

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