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How To Select An Elder Law Attorney

When you are confronting a difficult life issue, you routinely seek guidance from someone who can help you to solve the problem.  So, it stands to reason that when you or a family member are confronting the potential or immediate need for long term nursing care, you […]

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WHAT is a will and WHY should I have one?

What is a will and why should I have one? A will is a legally executed document which explains how, when and to whom a person would like his or her property to be distributed after death. Under Pennsylvania law, an individual may prepare a will in […]

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What if Mom or Dad Refuses to Go To The Nursing Home? A Guardianship Might Be Necessary.

As a part of our Pennsylvania (PA) Estate Planning Package we will prepare both a general financial power of attorney (FPOA) and a medical power of attorney (MPOA) for a client to sign.  The two separate power of attorney documents are very important, but used for very […]

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