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Make Sure To Use An IRA Trust To Protect Your Retirement Assets

AN INHERITED IRA IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE: With the 2014 Supreme Court ruling that inherited IRAs are not protected in a bankruptcy proceeding, came the understanding that a beneficiary of retirement assets cannot assume that those assets will have the same protections provided by […]

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Avoid This Common Mistake: Failure To Update Account Beneficiary Designations

It is a mistake to assume that once your will and/or Revocable trust is signed, your planning is done and there is nothing else you need to do.  You must make sure that you properly title assets and structure beneficiary designations on your life insurance and retirement […]

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The Importance Of An Estate Planning Questionnaire

What Information Should You Provide To Your Estate Attorney?  You can obtain a copy of our very effective Estate Planning Questionnaire & Diagnostic Form by calling 610-933-8069.  Mention this article and we will send it out to you at no charge! Before meeting with an attorney to […]

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