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The Official Medicaid Spousal Impoverishment Allowances for 2017

The expense of skilled nursing home care in Pennsylvania ranges from $6,000 to $11,000 a month and, at those rates, can quickly reduce the lifetime savings of elderly couples to zero. There are federal laws in place to protect the financial well-being of a spouse at home […]

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WHAT is a will and WHY should I have one?

What is a will and why should I have one? A will is a legally executed document which explains how, when and to whom a person would like his or her property to be distributed after death. Under Pennsylvania law, an individual may prepare a will in […]

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Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Americans are generally living longer and this is also the case for individuals with disabilities.  As a result, there are many more cases of caregiver parents losing the ability to provide for their special needs children.  According to one count, there are 730,000 people with developmental disabilities […]

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