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Gifts of Low Capital Gains Basis Assets To Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

The gifting of assets in order to protect them from being spent on long term nursing care is a common Elder Law planning option.  The initial decision to make gifts will be dependent on various factors including, but not limited to, the Medicaid gifting rules, the total […]

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Use Special Needs Trusts For Elderly Beneficiaries.

We frequently prepare special needs trusts for clients in Pennsylvania. The special needs trust is most frequently used by parents who want to leave assets to a disabled or special needs child, but want the child to continue to receive Medicaid, Social Security and any other government […]

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Trust Protector Can Provide Client Comfort

We use Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts extensively when working with clients to protect their assets from long term nursing home spending. In handling Nursing Home Asset Protection Planning, we confront client concerns about loss of control. In order to soothe the fears of lost control, clients […]

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