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Review of Child’s Responsibility to For a Pay Parent’s Nursing Care

Will a Child Have To Pay For Mom’s or Dad’s Long Term Care Costs? Ever since the 2012 PA case, Health Care & Retirement Corporation of America v. Pittas (Pa. Super. Ct., No. 536 EDA 2011, May 7, 2012), was decided and a son was found to […]

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Can A Guardian File for Divorce on Nursing Home Resident’s Behalf?

Can A Guardian File for Divorce on Resident’s Behalf? As the frequency of our elderly clients needing long term care increases, we review more and varied nursing home asset protection planning opportunities.  One rather unconventional method for protecting a greater portion of the marital assets just might […]

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Medicare Only Covers Rehab Nursing Home Care

Medicare Part A covers institutional care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, care given by home health agencies, and care provided in hospices. Any individual who has reached 65 years of age and is entitled to Social Security benefits is eligible for Medicare Part A without charge. This means that there […]

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