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Binding Contracts for Family Caregivers More Important Than Ever

A recent New Jersey case (July 2018) resulted in a decision requiring proper and detailed documentation in order for money paid to family caregivers to qualify as a Medicaid penalty exempt transfer of assets. In E.B. v. Division of Medical Assistance, the daughter of the Medicaid applicant […]

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How To Select An Elder Law Attorney

When you are confronting a difficult life issue, you routinely seek guidance from someone who can help you to solve the problem.  So, it stands to reason that when you or a family member are confronting the potential or immediate need for long term nursing care, you […]

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Personal Liability Risks: Nursing Home Admission Agreement

Read The Care Facility Admission Agreement Before You Sign. A recent court decision, in the case outlined below, prompted me to write this article.  The case highlights just how important it is for children and Agents under power of attorney documents to read everything they sign on […]

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